It’s true that the human body will not be able to stand or move without the bones. The bones are very important for every living being, it’s including the humans. The Hand Surgeon Houston, Jeffrey, E. Budoff, MD is willing to share some info with you about the human bones functions. The functions of the human bones are to support the body, protecting the vital organs, and for the mobility control as well.

However, those functions will be deteriorated over time due to the ageing process. That’s why it’s important for everyone to maintain the health of their bones in order to maintain the decent strength of bones when they’re getting older. The food and drinks that consumes a lot of calcium will help you to maintain the strength and durability of your bones. The food and drinks that will help you are the milk, cheese, banana, broccoli, yoghurt, the cow’s bone marrow, turnip, cabbage, salmons, sardines, shrimp, oysters, tempeh, tofu, and much more. Those foods and drinks will help you to maintain the health of your bones, and their tastes are relatively delicious as well.