There are many condominiums in Singapore that offer the affordable prices. However, although the quality may be good, you should not be tempted by the merely affordable prices. Not only that the location can be far from the important public places, the safety and the age of the condominium building is also need to be considered. That’s why choosing a good condo just like the iNz Residences will be a good choice for you, if you’re willing to buy a condo near the Tengah Forest Town. In order to help you to buy a suitable apartment as your place of residence, here are the smart tips to buy an apartment.

1. Learn about the Developer’s track record

Although there are many good developers out there, it’s very essential for you to learn about the developer that’s going to do a business with you. Some developers are abandoning their condo in mid-construction process, due to they’ve been troubled by some cases. It’s a safer bet for you to choose a reputable developer in order to avoid the unwanted problems when you’re buying a condo for yourself.

2. The company’s certification and legalization

It’s a dangerous bet if you’re buying a condo from a company that has no certification or any license at all. Some of them might be the fraud condominium companies that might try to run away with your money, while you won’t get any condominium at all.

3. Location survey

Buying a cheap condo won’t guarantee you to save your money in the future. If you’re working a condo in city A, but you’ve gotta work in city B. Then you will waste more money in the future, due to your transportation and gas fee. It will be a wiser choice for you to choose a condo in city B, so you only need to do a short walk from your condo to your office. It’s more money and energy saving this way.