Reservations are a person or parties be a source of the arrival of the reservation. The sources of the mostly own fabric of cooperation as outlined in the contract that today has affiliated with ASI Front Desk as a hotel software. Sources reservation for the hotel include:

1. Individual: every person who entered the reservation is a source of the reservation, whether reservations for individuals and for groups.

2. Airline: Airline companies often book rooms for – the passengers in case of flight departure delays so that passengers have to stay overnight. In this case, the airline company will bear all the costs of accommodation for penumpangnya.- The crew calling at a town consisting of a captain, co-pilot, flight attendants, engineers, etc. Usually for orders already scheduled crew so the hotel can prepare in advance.

3. Travel agency: travel agency is a source of very potential room reservations for the hotel. In its activities of travel agencies sell tour packages that could include accommodation. Booking rooms do travel agency if:

– Guest buy travel packages which include accommodation therein, in this case, the travel agency will benefit from a special room price.

– The guests asked for a travel agency to book a room without buying a tour package. In this case, if the travel agency did not have a contract rate with the hotel, the travel agency will get a commission for the service. Large commissions depend on the agreement, there is a 10% to 15%. But if the journey bureau already has a contract rate, the travel agency will profit equal to the difference between the price of which is sold to guests with prices contained in the contract rate.